composer, pianist


  • Ugay was a finalist for 2019 Rome Prize
L I L I Y A   U G A Y

Liliya Ugay

  • Liliya Ugay accepted the position of Assistant Professor of Composition at the Florida State University 

Liliya Ugay (Лилия Угай) is an award-winning composer and pianist who works in a variety of mediums. Her compositions expand from traditional classical ensembles to musical theater and electronic music. Similarly, as a pianist, Liliya enjoys collaborating in various ensembles ranging from duos to orchestra. Liliya's ambitions also include discovering and promoting musical masterpieces that were, by unfortunate coincidence,  underexposed or forbidden. 

Currently, Liliya resides in New Haven, Connecticut (United States), where she is a Doctor of Musical Arts

in Composition candidate at the Yale School of Music and a Teaching Fellow at Yale College.

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​Photocredit: Dilya Khaliulina