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New Release!

Happy Chemicals - a new piece for orchestra and singing audience inspired by a new poem by David Kirby, premiered at FSU Festival of the Creative Arts with FSU University Symphony (conducted by Guilherme Rodriguez), Ruby Diamond Hall, Tallahassee, FL

COCA Spotlight: Liliya Ugay

​Tallahassee Democrat: Pianist and Poet team up for "Happy Chemicals" at

FSU Festival of the Creative Arts

​FSU Arts and Sciences: FSU's "Sing With Symphony": A celebration of chemistry,

music, and harmony happens Saturday  


Sunmi Chang (violin) and Clara Yang (piano)  release the album of works by women-composers "Mother Tales" under Navona Records, centered around Ugay's commissioned piece Mother Tales

Navona Records, description:

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, violinist Sunmi Chang and pianist Clara Yang embarked on this meaningful project. MOTHER TALES is an album that pays tribute to four remarkable women composers – Florence Price, Gabriela Lena Frank, Liliya Ugay, and Amy Beach. Notably, the album shares the same title as Liliya Ugay’s commissioned work, an exquisite and heartwarming piece that reflects on motherhood. However, in this project, the concept of a “mother” transcends biological boundaries, encompassing all those who have had a profound influence and nurturing presence in the lives of others.

Review, String Magazine:
​The title tracks by Liliya Ugay express the creative pressures faced by balancing motherhood with life as a professional composer. In “croon,” which she describes as a warm embrace of “typical motherhood routines,” she sings an at-times nightmarish, sadly consoling lullaby. In “perpetual delights,” the duo brings alive the joy of children’s toys that leads to the innocence of sleep

From Modern Notebook, Florida Classical Music Station:

Liliya Ugay is a composer who is also a mother, and she says that composer-mothers have been vastly underrepresented in the history of music,past and present. Her piece “Mother Tales” is inspired by the routines of motherhood, with the first movement depicting lulling a baby to sleep, and a second movement which captures the curiosity, awkwardness, and wonder of play.

composer, pianist

New Music

Hammers Over the Moon - a new piece for piano solo and loop or fixed media playback (optionally for two pianos) commissioned by Clara Yang for Ex Machina project