Slipping Dreams (2010); performed by Omnibus ensemble

Third World Fable for piano trio (2014);

performed by Yuki Numata Resnick, TJ Borden, Liliya Ugay

video and audio 

Oblivion for symphonic orchestra (2015);

performed by Yale Philharmonia, conductor - Heejung Park

Sospiri for string orchestra(2016);

performed by The Next Festival of Emerging Artists orchestra, conductor - Peter Askim

String Quartet No. 2 (2013); performed by Quatuor Molinari

Beautiful and Blind for contralto and Baroque ensemble (2015);

performed by Hilary Summers and Antico Moderno

Nostalgia for piano and electronics(2014); Liliya Ugay, piano

composer, pianist
L I L I Y A   U G A Y

Morning Call for soprano and ensemble (2016);

performed by Jin-Xiang Yu and Yale Philharmonia

piano performances